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Lavana Deal: Wedding Planner at Wedding and Event Details Lavana Deal: Wedding PlannerWedding and Event Details Lavana Deal owns and operates a middle Tennessee event planning company called Wedding and Event Details, launched in 2005.

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Bride interview with Lavana Deal

Please take a moment to read this interview about Lavana and her planning/coordination crew.

How long have you been planning weddings and how did you become a wedding planner?

I have been planning weddings and events for over 25 years, mainly for friends and family.

I spent many years learning various tasks, jobs, design, coloring, people, children, event production, logistics & problem solving while working full time jobs, volunteering & business ventures.  I wasn't one of those people that always knew what I wanted to do as a career, but I now know I have spent my entire life preparing myself with knowledge and experience to be well equipped as an event planner.

As I stayed at home and raised my children, I kept other children in our home to help support our family & I took online courses to further my education. While in this season of my life, I discovered who I am, took a look back at where I had been and all I had learned and figured out that everything I knew would be useful in planning events. And after some planning experience I found that I love planning weddings better than anything else.

After I discovered my talents for planning weddings & events, I discovered I am meant to do this and I am very passionate about helping women create a magical day that will be etched in their memory forever.
It makes me very sad to hear about a bride that had a horrible experience on her wedding day because she didn't have the help she needed or the information regarding events that experience gives you.
  Wedding and Event DetailsWedding and Event DetailsPlated Dinner at a Wedding. Photo by Divine Images

In 2005, after working as the manager of the events portion of The Bridal Gallery and Chapel in Franklin TN,  I   was inspired to open my own company in the area where my family and I have lived all our lives.

As I worked closely with bride after bride after bride, I felt the need to open an event planning company in the area to help brides and their families, who were stressed out and struggling, plan and coordinate their weddings so they could not just dream that magical wedding day, but live it! People are busy and just don't have time to do all the research it takes to effectively plan, coordinate and execute a well run, smooth & enjoyable wedding. The stress that people feel from trying to do such an event by themselves can be very unhealthy and just miserable.

My favorite part about what I do is knowing that I am separating my client from the excess weight gain surrounding a wedding. That weight gain being stress, lack of time and know-how, in addition to helping people discover who they are and what is truly important to them. I grant my couples much more time to focus on their love for one another and their families instead of all the details that often get in the way. I think it's fantastic, don't you agree?

Bride: We love your Services and your Portfolio; everything sounds wonderful! So can you tell me what makes you different from other wedding planners?
Lavana: Thank you, it makes me happy to know that you love my services and the portfolio.
The majority of my brides are DIY brides & I have many items in my inventory that can aid in the decor of a wedding without the normal major expense.

All this information sounds like a dream, but it also appears expensive, are we going to be able to afford this?

 The real question is; Can you afford not to hire a professional that knows the ins and outs of planning such a special event? My mentor showed me an article that states it takes the average bride hundreds and hundreds of hours to plan her wedding, in some cases, up to 400 hours. That’s like working ten weeks for a full 40 hours! Whoa! That’s an outrageous amount of time and most people don't have that much time to spare, do you? Is it even possible to have a life at the moment? I’ve had so many clients tell me how much better they sleep at night just knowing I was on board. They literally were not sleeping at night and after hiring me, slept like a baby.

There have been people who decided that we were “too expensive” to put money on, but let me know, after their weddings, that the budget skyrocketed because they didn't know how to manage all the details, and the worst part, is that the wedding they envisioned was nowhere to be found. The wedding they had wasn’t even close to their vision. Well, that makes me sad, very sad, and my desire is to keep anybody from experiencing that kind of disappointment. What a nightmare for any family!

After all that, think about your dream wedding and what you want it to look like........ then call or visit with me for your "no strings attached" consultation so that we can really talk about your dreams and how we can create them together. Does it sound expensive now?  (Besides, I do my best to work within your budget and still help you as much as I can. There’s a custom wedding planner/coordinator package with your name on it.  Just Breathe!

.Who do you work best with?

You will best benefit working with me if you are looking for help creating your dream wedding, but your time is limited, your resources are few or you just don't have the know-how to make it happen.  Don't worry, if you have your own ideas about what you want, but you just don't know how to pull it all together, it's not a problem.......... you are my perfect client!

Bride: Will I loose control of my wedding if you are planning it for me?
Lavana: You will not loose control of your wedding because I want your wedding to be unique to you and that requires your input so I can get to know you and your style. In order to make you happy, we have to create a wedding that is in line with your desires and making you happy is my ultimate goal.

Bride: Will you work with the vendors I've already found or people I really want to work with?
Lavana: I will work with the vendors you have already found or people you want to work with as long as they are professional, respectful and cooperate with us to create the wedding you desire.

Bride: Do you take credit cards & do you have a payment plan for your clients?
Lavana: At this time, I can only take credit cards via a Pay Pal payment.
Yes, I offer payment plans and set up custom plans for each client.

Bride: Do you have liability Insurance?
Lavana: Yes

Bride: Do you book more than one wedding per day?
Lavana: I do not book more than one wedding per day for my coordination servic