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Hello, my name is Lavana Deal and I have been in business in middle Tennessee since 2005.

When I opened my business, I was an enthusiastic wedding and event planner! I learned so much about so many different areas of wedding and event planning and I loved every minute of it.

In 2015 I transitioned from a wedding planner to a webmaster and a wedding vendor photographer in order to help wedding vendors showcase more aspects of their work and obtain more business.


After more than 15 years of being a wedding and event planner, I know just how much work, time and effort a wedding vendor puts into each and every client's event. From listening to the client's wishes to scheduling crew members to work each event, not to mention ordering supplies, coordinating schedules and dealing with potential disasters! A passionate wedding vendor does their best to take care with all the details in order to create a unique, special and wonderful event for each and every client.

After some serious reflection that lasted a couple of years, I found that I was not satisfied with the role of a wedding planner any more. I decided I needed to listen to my intuition and find out just exactly why this was happening to me. I realized that all along I had been attracted to the different elements of weddings and I always wanted to help wedding vendors get more business and get their work seen.

  I love photos and I love taking photos, but I was never very interested in taking large quantities of photos of people like the bride, groom, wedding party and family photos. I don't mind taking a few photos of people but taking photos of inanimate objects gives me so much more satisfaction.

  I thought about becoming a wedding photographer but decided that taking photos of people would be the majority of that career so I knew that wasn't in the cards. I had a hard time figuring out how my love of weddings and photography was going to coincide if I didn't like taking photos of lots of people.  I kept listening to that small voice in my heart and that lead me to take off my wedding planner hat. Learning how to build websites, social media accounts, SEO, social media strategies and business marketing for my company is what eventually lead me to transition from being a wedding planner to becoming a webmaster and a wedding vendor photographer.

 A wedding vendor contacted me after she saw a post on Facebook regarding my career change and she hired me to work for her as her webmaster and social web weaver. During this time, I went to several of her events and took photos for her company so that I could use them on her website and social media accounts.  The puzzle just seemed to fall in place and I now have a more complete understanding of why I have always loved the elements of weddings but never felt quite at peace with being a wedding planner.

I now understand why I love taking photos of dishes, food displays, the beautiful backdrops, linens, candles, decor, room setups and all the other aspects of a wedding.

All the pieces of this puzzle, called Wedding and Event Details, has taken almost 2 decades to fall into place and I now have the knowledge and the desire to help wedding vendors showcase their work with elegance and style. I want to be at weddings behind the scenes. I want to document with photos and social web weaving, the beautiful work & behind the scenes photos of the passionate vendors in the middle Tennessee wedding industry!

Wedding Vendors, let me ask you a question. After all the work you pour into each wedding and event, do you always get great photos that showcase your work?

Do you ever wish someone had been there to capture photos of specific elements of events so you could have a photo of them in your portfolio?

As a wedding and event planner, I have searched and searched for photos in my clients' social media accounts just hoping that a photographer or even a guest caught a design element in some of their photos so I could use it to show to other client's or to place in my portfolio because I was proud of it and wanted a record of it, or just to be able to look at it from time to time because I liked it. I am sorry to say that most of those searching expeditions did not yield the results I was hoping to find!

Nobody knows how badly you want photos of specific elements and even if you send a crew member to take photos of them, the photos are nothing special and do not portray your work in the best possible light and angle because most crew members do not have the experience it takes to capture your work in an artistic fashion.

I'm totally convinced that my years spent as a wedding planner were to prepare me to help you with this very problem. I found it difficult at times to get photos from the photographers my clients hired (and felt like I was begging most of the time) even though I offered to give them photo credit on each photo, link to any website they desired and toward the end of my wedding planning days, I offered to only post photos that included their watermarks. Some of the photographers never even responded to phone calls and messages from me, so I did not receive any photos from many of the weddings I planned and executed. This always bothered me and made me sad because I was proud of my work and could have used the photos to get more business from brides that would have hired me if they could have seen the examples on the internet.

I must add that there were many photographers that were accommodating and we worked well together!

I found it extremely helpful and satisfying when my daughter became a photographer as I hired her to take photos of my weddings and events. I gave her instructions on the elements to which I wanted photos and even found photo styles I liked and sent them to her too so she would have a good idea of the visions I had in my head and she could work her magic for me while I worked my magic for my clients!

Your client's photographer mainly focuses on the clients and the people and overview of the event, but they normally don't capture very many shots of the vendors' work and even fewer shots of the vendors' crew at work. Your client will not be interested in the type of photos that you can use on your social media accounts and website to showcase your work, so their photographer will not take a lot of time and actually doesn't have the time to get detailed shots for all the vendors associated with a wedding. These detailed shots are vital for your business!

Getting photos of your crew in action can be a very handy tool to use in training new crew members, show examples of good and bad behavior on the job and give praise to your employees in the office, the monthly meetings and on social media.

Contact me today and let's start creating those magical photos that will assist you in weaving your social web!